Animated Oat / شوفان عَقيم /

Great Wild Oat / Sterile Oat / Wild Red Oat / Winter Wild Oat / خافور / خفور / سُنَيسِلَة / شعير بري /

Avena sterilis L.

Edibility and usage

Edible part
  • Seeds
  • Cooked
  • Dessert
  • Flour
  • Raw
  • Salads
Blooming period
March to May
Foraging period
April to May
Seed collection period
May to July


Petal colour
  • Green
Leaf type
  • Entire
Life form
  • Annual

Scientifc data

Avena L.
Wikidata item
Avena sterilis L. (2705286)
Conservation status (IUCN)
Least concern


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